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As independent Financial Services Experts, with more than 50 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, we support our clients in transforming their business model to adjust to the new realities of materially changed client needs and behavior, increased transparency needs, digitalization and complex regulatory and client demands. As sparring partner for our clients we challenge their strategic agenda and develop in partnership with them focused solutions to master the arising challenges based on concise industry insights.

We focus our work on Wealth Management and Affluent Solutions based on analysis, hypotheses and strong opinions we formed over the years we have been active in several roles in the financial services community.

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Our hypotheses base on four core believes, which we think are vital for a successful Wealth and Affluent business model.

  1. Digitalization is not a process of its own but an integrated part of a successful strategy process: Based on external and internal qualitative and quantitative insights the strategy process should start at developing a concise Value Proposition taking digitalization into account and leading to clear strategic initiatives
  2. The business model must be aligned to the needs of the clients that are not based on Assets: We are convinced, that the classical segmentation banks have applied historically across their client base with Assets under Management as the common denominator is one of the key reasons these institutions struggle to adopt to the evolving fundamental changes in the industry. A client need based segmentation is paramount to unlock the enormous opportunities to position the Wealth and Affluent business for the next generation of financial institutions.
  3. To transform the business model successfully, the Service Proposition (and business model) needs to be aligned to the individual needs based client segments: By repositioning their service proposition in the three core dimensions advice, offering and add on services in order to transform their business model to meet the needs of service-oriented clients (typically, but not only HNWI clients), we see the single biggest opportunity arising in developing a concise model to meet the needs of solution oriented (typically, but not only affluent) clients.
  4. Offering an innovative Affluent proposition is THE biggest opportunity in the market for a successful future business model: If banks understand that Affluent clients need an individual Service Proposition that is based on solutions along their life-cycle needs rather than products or services only, a completely new field of business arises - especially if this is cleverly combined with a profound digitalization strategy.

We work closely together with the leading financial services innovators in order to remain at the forefront of the Industry's evolution.

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